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to miss a second of this if you want to understand what is really happening in america. c'mon, let's go! >> glenn: hello, america. hope and change. a movement that surged barack obama in the white house. but it's not the first time america has seen the political uprising of hope and change, and progress. there was hope and change way back in the early 20th century, but the name was different. it was progressivism. you heard that before. are you a progressive? it was the shiny new car. well, now wait a minute, what happened? well, back in the early 20th century, everybody wanted to take it for a spin. progressivism had no political boundaries. the democrats like woodrow wilson loved it. republicans, teddy roosevelt, loved it. america was stuck in a rut. we needed to make progress. how better to break free than to use progressive tactics? the message resonated with so many americans and progressives began winning elections. and then, they started to govern. that's where the problem came in. in the response to the repeated bank runs in the early 1900s, progressives came up with an idea. th
by the camera people and they did a lovely job on that. hello, america. all week we've been wondering which president would show up for the "state of the union" address. would it be the hey, people aren't digging my agenda, triangulate move to center, obama. or would it be the arrogant do-it-my-way progressive obama? i don't think we saw either of the guys show up last night. arrogant progressive, at least to me doesn't even begin to describe what i saw last night. it was more like watching, i don't know, fabio stare at himself and then that randy macho man savage part of obama educate america on how great he is. you know what i mean? one conclusion i draw from last night is the president thinks we're all stupid. america sent a clear message to washington in the recent months. his response wasn't a message of slowing down or cutting back, or even listening or responding to peech ing ting to. with a we got is keep your mouth shut and fall in line or i'll give you another speech because you were so stupid you didn't understand the last one. my plans are really great. one of the teams last nig
of campaigns. >> we might back up and explain proportional representation. it is not well understood in america at all. >> it is not. the quickest explanation is it produces multi-party democracy. >> some time to many parties like in italy -- not in ireland, that is proportional, but it actually has three. >> you can fine-tune your democracy by setting what you call a victory threshold. how many parties. in the unites the states with a system that is democrat or republican in many districts and most districts are so non- competitive we can tell you who will wind. >> in short hand, first past the post. >> winner-take-all. >> it has worked very well in the uk. periodically the labour party says it will go to proportional representation and then they realized they may lose some of the viability and backs off it. there are a lot of use of europe and america that it is old, that it is bureaucratic beyond belief, that it is overtaxed, that people don't work hard enough, that it is not competitive, that for its defense it relies on us and that it is just as far down the track of having it manufacturin
caucus every few months. >>> in america today, what will republicans do with president obama's olive branch? he's reaching out to the gop yet again despite a year of pushbacks and criticisms. is he being naive or crazy like a fox. and what will it do for the gridlock in washington. >>> an international conspiracy to declare economic warfare on the united states. we're breaking it down. >>> also, what sarah palin says she would to with the tea party. all that, plus a few stories we found while we were supposed to be working. can you say what the cluck? "the dylan ratigan show" starts right now. >>> >>> good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. we begin today with a biblical story of noah and the floods. yes, i'm not kidding. how it relates to what is happening in america today. as the noah of story goes, he sent a tof, you see the dove there? to look for try land after a great flood had wiped out the earth. the dove returned with an olive branch, like the one i have in my hand, or the lovely one you see depicted on the screen. a sign of reconciliation, a gesture of goodwill, a symbol
engines of job creation here in america are america's businesses. >> reporter: a day after reconnecting with americans in florida, he'll tour a small business in baltimore and offer more details about the proposal. it's estimated that $33 billion program would help 1 million businesses. it would include a $5,000 tax credit for every new employee hired this year. the amount will be capped at $500,000 per firm to make sure small companies get the benefits. businesses that increase wages or hours for their existing employees would be reimbursed for the have a social security payroll taxes they would pay. the president wants to pay for the plan with the savings from the $700 billion wall street bailout, but that will be up to congress. the president will have a chance to sell his proposal to the gop later today. >> i want the republicans off the sidelines. i want them working with us to solve problems. >> reporter: he'll address house republicans during their retreat in baltimore, but it may be a tough crowd. >> we're going to look for common ground, but we're not going to roll over on our
clinton, boxer or briefs? in south carolina, it's graham or demint? >> only in america can laindsay gram be perceived as moving left. >> yes. we got in last night at 1:30, and, you know, i'm feeling a little loopy on two hours of sleep. she's actually loopy on eight hours so when she's on two hours, geez. >> you had to tie her down. she comes into work regardless. >> it's hard to be a best-selling author, but she handles it well. >> she'll be with us on monday, loopy and beloved. we have a lot to talk about today, and why don't we start with news and after that, we'll talk about leno, and looks like the white house may be reconsidering to try khalid shaikh mohammed in new york city. >>> president obama working to sell his revamped economic message to the american people. the president will be in baltimore today to outline specifics on his job plan. part of the president's larger agenda aimed at reducing the deficit, regulating banks, health care, into the fall mid term elections. >> i want the republicans off the sidelines. i want them working with us to solve problems, facing working fa
> making >>> making news in america this morning. >>> toyota's troubles reach a global scale, now new pressure on the automaker to fix problems and address frustrated customers. >>> and tough questions about the iraq war aimed at britain's former prime minister, today's testimony and potential impact on the u.s. >>> and storm warnings posted in 17 states as agony turns into snowstorms. >> it's friday, january 29th, 2010. >>> good morning. happy friday to you. toyota's historic recall is now a global problem. the automaker is losing millions of dollars and market share and it's longtime reputation for quality. >> now japanese leaders are demanding action. viviana hurtado joins us from washington. >>> the japanese trade minister called the scale of the recall huge and it's expected to grow. as it grows, japan called on the world's largest auto make tore regain the confidence. amid reports that toyota had received complaints of runaway cars for years. the indiana pedal supplier said toyota told it this part was not responsible for any of the serious accidents or deaths linked to runa
: turning now to the economy, america's top banker is staying on the job. the senate today confirmed ben bernanke to serve a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. the vote was 70-30, the closest ever for a fed chairman. meanwhile, the line for unemployment benefits is growing. the government said today another 470,000 americans put in their first claims last week. unemployment was, of course, the main focus of the state of the union address, and today, chip reid tells us the president took his plan for dealing with it on the road. >> reporter: the president joined vice president biden in florida to announce the administration's biggest stimulus project of all. >> right here in tampa, we are gonna start building a new high-speed rail line. >> reporter: $8 billion to begin a european-style, clean-energy, high-speed rail system. planners hope it will eventually connect cities across the country, the largest infrastructure project since the interstate highway system. the white house claims it will create tens of thousands of jobs. the announcement is one of many planned in coming m
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos and it is friday, january 29th. >> happy friday, everyone. i'm robin roberts. this morning, a nation on ice. 17 states under a winter storm watch or warning as a coating of ice shuts down airports, makes a slippery mess over a 2,000-mile. >>> and the white house blinks, starting to think outside of the 911 mastermind. >>> the cover-up, john edwards' voice mail and how he planned to hide his mistress' pregnancy from his wife. >> so if i'm calling saying what happened, how did this lap, what's going on? >>> brand-new details from bob woodru woodruff's exclusive report. >>> and trash talk. challenging the president to a little two on two. scott brown's hoop dreams. >> really? really? >> all right. you heard it. >>> downtown scotty brown. >> he's not stopping it stopping the health care plan. >> no. that was his nickname in college. his daughter plays college ball at bc. we'll see. a lot of news to get to folks, including the big test for president obama's renewed call for bipartisanship. he's meeting with house republicans so w
of the federal reserve do think we be looking at a very different america today. now it was not my choice to become the chairman of the federal reserve. the previous administration nominated ben bernanke. i voted for him and then when i became chairman of the banking committee in january 2007 for the first time, i went to a very frustrating year on that committee. on february 7 of 2007 i had my first hearings on the issue of the mortgage crisis in the country and we had 12 such hearings and that committee of the remaining ten months, almost one every month on this issue. and then i could not get the chairman of the federal reserve to pay as much attention as i thought he should have. at beginning and the latter part of 2007 and going forward, his leadership in my view is absolutely critical to avoid any kind of problem this country has faced. so mr. president, i'll stick for a few more minutes later in this debate, but i think we would make a great error indeed if we were to reject this nomination and not terminate this filibuster, both up and down on this nominee and provide the confiden
mastermind in lower manhattan. plus, osama bin laden is criticizing america on climate change. lizz winstead will take a stab at that. >>> i think the big story tonight, the president going over to the retreat. the republicans made a mistake by inviting him to this retreat and letting the cameras actually take live this question and answer question. we're getting the truth now, folks. for an hour and a half, with no teleprompter, i might add, the president answered questions from members of the republican caucus on question after question, the president dismantled their talking points, exposed problems with their policies and pointed out their own hypocrisy, like when they've taken credit for the stimulus package that they voted against, the projects that they voted against. the president just appeared very reasonable, very knowledgeable, and focused on solutions. but the president let the republicans know, he's not going to be their patsy. he called them out for this social rhetoric on health care. >> we've got to close the gap a little bit between the rhetoric and the reality. if you were
that time frame of longer 2011-2012 and that's what every bank in america wants to be in. they're the only one. >> jim, good to see you again. >> good to see you, partner. >> thank you very much. watch the show 6:00 and 11:00 eastern tonight. that's it for "street signs." thank you very much for watching. "closing bell" begins in just a moment with an all-star cast from here, davos, and indeed cnbc's global headquarters. from this team thank you for watching. stay tuned for the big one. >>> history or hype? is the month of january really a good predictor of stock market performance and what should investors do based on this month's trade? live from the new york stock exchange, this is the final and most important hour of the trading day. >>> and good afternoon, everybody. welcome to the "closing bell." iful scott wapner live here on the floor the new york stock exchange. michelle? >> hi, scott, i am michelle caruso-cabrera at the cnbc global headquarters. ge is wrapping up on a downnote. as january goes, so goes the rest of the year. but here's some contradictory stats that might help you
that's going to destroy america." >> reporter: but an old friend noted that when they both served in the illinois legislature, obama was known for reaching across the aisle. >> over the past year in my view, that attribute hasn't been in full bloom. >> reporter: the president then conceded both sides are at fault. >> just a tone of civility instead of slash-and-burn would be helpful. >> reporter: throughout what was essentially a policy debate, the president demonstrated intimate knowledge of the issues. >> we'd refund part of your payroll tax for every dollar you increase those wages faster than inflation. it's a simple concept. >> reporter: and deep familiarity with republican positions. >> i understand that. i've read your bills. you know, i've read your legislation. >> reporter: when the scheduled 45 minutes was up, the president said "let's keep going." >> you know, i'm having fun. >> reporter: republicans were on their best behavior. there were no "you lie" moments. but when the president thought the last question was unfair, he let them know it. >> will that new budget, lik
responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening, welcome to "worldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. we start off tonight with the war in afghanistan, and a conference in london that brought together high level officials, including foreign ministers from dozens of countries, to discuss afghanistan's future. the aim is to turn over security duties to afghan forces and turn at least some of the taliban from enemies to potential allies. in their final communication, the leaders agreed to start transferring security responsibiliti forces late this year, or early next year. president hamid karzai said that training the afghans could take five to ten years. and that foreign troops might be needed for 15 years. in tonight's lead focus, we're going to hr about another key component of the emerging afghanistan strategy. from london, chris ship of itn tells us about the newly devised plan to win over the taliban by buying their support. >> reporter: it is easy to be cynical about the conf
") of america. isn't that what the census is doing? yeah who's in? [ gorilla ] nice move. but can your retirement income keep pace with changing interest rates? this new variable anúéity from axa equitable has an option that can help your retirement income move with changing interest rates. but what do i know? i'm just the 800-pound gorilla in the room. [ female announcer ] make the retirement cornerstone annuity from axa equitable part of your retirement plan. consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives before purchasing a variable annuity. contact a financial professional for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. whoo hoo! >>> jack cafferty is back with the cafferty >> wolf, the question this hour, how confident are you in the government's ability to create jobs? joe in maryland says the government can create jobs by investing in future energy projects, rail, and an imprued outlook for the future success of the country. if the world sees america taking the lead business and employment will follow. i should know. i start my new job on monda
everybody. god bless the united states of america. thank you, everybody. (applause) >> woodruff: now, more on the president's appearance before house republicans-- someone who was there for it all, texas representative jeb hensarling. congressman hensarling, thanks for being with us and for standing out in the cold. what did you take away from this unusual session? >> well, you're right, judy, it was an unusual session. listen, the president deserves great credit for accepting our invitation. i'm glad that he did it. i'm hoping something good will come out of it. we've never seen any kind of outreach from speaker pelosi to attempt to work on a bipartisan basis. i hope we see one out of the president. there are some areas maybe we can work on. but i got to tell you, the american people want accountability in government. and regardless of whether you are a republican or democrat today i think was at least a chapter in accountability. i mean things like the louisiana purchase and the cornhusker kickback, people want to see some accountability. they saw it today. >> woodruff: you asked him a q
-century america like a boaltd of lightning. if you really want to hear about it the first thing you'll probably want to know is where i was born and what my lousy childhood was right. j.d. salinger's catcher in the rye was a literary sensation from its first appearance. the centra figure, 16-year-old n caufield, is one of the most recognizable figures in 20th century american fiction. the story isn't much, call spends a long weekend in new york wondering through central park visiting other haunts. it's not what he does. it's how hoe thinks and expresses those thoughts that has made "catcher in the rye" so compelling for so many for so long. in his feelings of isolation and awkwardness he was an early version of the postwar disaffected young. james dean in "rebel without a cause." dustin hoffman a decade later in "the graduate." let character was embraced by millions from artists and writers to the deeply troubled mark david chapman, who said he killed john lennon in 1980 to promote the book. the rough language in holden's brooding thoughts also made "the catcher in the rye" very controversial.
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the federal money in reserve, mr. president, because america's debt is as big a problem as unemployment. number two, health care. here is what the president said on that. >> if anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured uninsured, strengthen medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses, let me know. >> bill: okay. i'm up for the challenge. rather than spending still more government money creating an enormous bureaucracy, why don't we allow all health insurance companies to compete in all 50 states and then allow judges to punish people who sue doctors and other medical personnel for stupid reasons. that's what they do in great britain. if you file a nuisance lawsuit, a judge can order you to pay all the costs, that is known as tort reform. now, i agree with president obama the government should regulate health insurance companies. they can't be throwing people off the roles when they get sick and can't be fighting legit legitimate reimbursement. some insurance companies try to wear you down. that's
to have her become america's doctor and focus that attention all around the country. as she said, we used to have a whole set of rules which were given out to people. eat three square meals a day, the children up from behind the television, but that fell on deaf ears. those are important things to do, if we are really serious about turning a corner on this issue, we need everyone to be involved. we need to make this a national crisis and a national issue. the president pointed out that families have a problem to pay their bills and affordable health care is getting more difficult and that impacts their ability to keep good employees and expand businesses. the on healthier we are as a nation, the more our healthcare costs will continue to rise and the less competitive we will be globally in the world. we have a moral obligation but i would say an economic imperative to begin to make a change. let me give you a couple of pretty alarming statistics -- according to the centers for disease control and prevention, we already spend one out of every 10 health care dollars on obesity. and its obes
that bnsf, the enginehat connects us. bank of america-- commitd to helping the tion's economic covery. pacific life-- the power to help yosucceed. and by the alfred p. san foundation. supporting scienc technology, and proved economic performancand financial literacy in the 21st ceury. andith the ongoing support of these institutions d foundations. and... this prograwas made possible by the corporatiofor publ broadcasting. and by contribuons to your pbs tation from viewers like you thank you. >> lehrer: president obama road tested his new cus on bs and the economy today margaretarner begins our coverage of t tune i don't know aftermath. >> reporter: th president was greet with applause by a friendl audience in tampa, florida. he and vice president joeiden unveiled $8 billion in grants for high speed rail, part of their n focus on jobs creati t president said againhe understands wh americans are going thugh. >>last night i've spoken about where w need to go and i've said ese are difficult times, these challging times for our country. in th last two years, we've gone rough the deepest re
america." >> there is one tape that was marked special, and we're just aghast. it's a sex tape of rielle and john edwards. made just a couple of months before the iowa caucuses. i mean, it's amazing the tape exists. that's unbelievable. but to leave it in a house that's for sale where realtors are going to be coming through it and leave it there for eight months is unbelievable. >> are you absolutely sure that this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it's definitely him. you never see her face. it's a visibly pregnant woman. >> stay classy, andrew young. >>> that brings us to the punch line courtesy of jimmy kimmel. behold his take on the sceptical that is state of the union. >> i did like the new state of the union opening theme song. ♪ it's state, state, state, state of the union ♪ ♪ barack obama is going to tell us how our union is doing ♪ >> it's the 220th annual state of the union address with joe biden. hillary clinton. nancy pelosi. harry reid. john mccain. lady gaga. snoop dogg. joe the plumber. the nabi of pandora. khloe kardashian. vince from sham-wow. and many more.
, this guy's doing all kinds of crazy stuff that's going to destroy america. and i would just say that we have to think about tone. it's not just on your side, by the way. it's on our side as well. this is part of what's happened in our politics. where we demonize the other side so much, that when it comes to actually getting things done, it becomes tough to do. >> mike pence organized the meeting tea and had the first question. congressman, thanks for coming on "hardball" tonight. congratulations. let's talk technique here. is this the beginning, perhaps, of something like they have in britain? i know we're an independent country and glad to be, but they have an interesting system over there where they make the prime minister come over and answer the questions in the house. do you like that idea? >> chris, i like our system. but let me -- >> would you like to see the president regularly come to the house members, or democrats and republicans together even, and answer questions? >> well, no, not on the house floor. the prime minister of england goes to the floor of parliament because the
, when it comes time to cast a vote to create jobs in america, you know, when we have an emergency in this country like flooding or hurricane disasters, we consider a disaster when 15 million american bread winners don't have a job i consider that a disaster, one that has to be responded to by the federal government. let them choose on whose side are they on and trying to get families back to work in america? or taking care of big business? that's going to be an interesting choice. >> democratic senator robert menendez of new jersey, chairman of the democratic senatorial campaigé committee coming out of a very tough loss in massachusetts. but with what you laid out here obviously a plan for how to avoid that in the future. thank you for your time tonight, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. good to be on with you. >> democrats are the party of debt, right? deficits soar under democratic administrations. enough. right? that's the idea. right? republicans are the fiscally responsible people. democrats are the ones who let spending run away and let the fiscal balance get all out of wha
know that we will not here this weekend, there contract of america. as the year goes along, republicans will develop the national themes that their candidate's can use, district by district this fall. host: that is the headline in this morning's "politico," talking about a contract with america to point out. obama is to detail a payroll tax credit this morning, what is he expected to say on that? caller: that is the other piece of his visit, something that he touched on in the state of the union, a $33 billion program if it gets enacted by congress, assuming congress passes it this year, a $5,000 tax credit for every new employee that a business hires. there would be tax benefits the companies that increase wages or hours for existing employees. this is an attempt to encourage companies that might be on the fence to think about hire more workers and do it. the white house says that the benefit would be retroactive to the first of january if approved and it would only apply to hiring that takes place this year. host: we wrote a story yesterday that talks about the retreat and why they ta
hits the road to try to win back the hearts and minds of america. >>> pounding in the plains. winter tightens its grip on the u.s., slicking up roads across the country. >>> and back in the spotlight. unseen for 50 years, a stunning 31 carat diamond goes on unseen for 50 years, a stunning 31 carat diamond goes on display. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. >>> and today we begin with back to basics. with his first rocky year in office now behind him, president obama is kicking back into campaign mode, working to sell his revamped economic message to the american people. but with the public frustrated and congressional incumbents feeling the heat, the president will have to take his victories one step at a time. a close one came yesterday as the senate confirmed fed chief ben bernanke for a second term by the thinnest margin in history. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: the day after his state of the union promise to focus on the economy, president obama went to florida touring an air force base sending supplies to hait
divisions and differences may exist in washington, the united states of america stands united as one country. [applause] it is that same spirit of bipartisanship that made it possible for me to sign a defense contract into a reform bill that was co-sponsored by senator mccain and members of congress here today. we have stood together on behalf of our nation's veterans. together, we passed the largest increase in the va is budget in more than 40 years and supported health care reforms to provide better access and medical care for those who served in uniform. some of you also supported credit card bill of rights in support of compensation for those americans that are out of work. and some of you supported stopping tobacco companies from targeting kids come expanding opportunities for those who serve our country, and helping responsible homeowners stay in their homes. we have a track record of working together. it is possible. but as, john, as you mentioned, on some very big things, we have seen some party-line votes that i'm just going to be honest, were disappointing. let's start with our eff
economic challenges cing america's future anadditional funding is provided bthe following supporters -- >>> good evening welcome to "worlocus." i'm daljithaliwal in new york. although the united stes still ha more than 100,000 tros in iraq briin's involvement ended last year whenhe cotry with drew its forces. but for britain, the emotional cost of the war continues, especially for the families of 179 british troops who were killed in iraq. the families we among those paying close aention today as the former brish prime minister, tony blair, mounted a strong defensef every dcision hemade as he led briin io the war. the settin wa britain's most wide ranging investation into the conflict. and it brought bck all of the issues and justifications of e war. the september 1 attacks. the purported weapons of mass destruction. e brutal leadership of saddam hussein and his use of chemil weapons. in tonight's lead focus, defendg the war in iraq. lucy manning of our british partner itn watched as passions ran high, both inside and outside the hearing. >> reporte they call him a war criminal. they
and instability, and elections due in march. back with a bang. america's economy is growing at its fastest rate in six years. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcasting around the globe. the haitian government says it desperately needs to hundred thousand tents to house refugees. meet the first warplanes developed by russia since the collapse of the soviet union. he called it "the calculus of risk." tonylair gave evidence to the iraq inquiry today during six hours of questioning. he went from slightly nervous to unrepentant toobust with his reasoning and belief behind the decision to go to war in iraq. he said he has no regrets about removing saddam hussein. he hinted at the possibility of a new war with iran. our correspondent was at the inquiry. >> he arrived in the half light of dawn to the sound of a single bell tolling. his convoy headed to the basement. he slipped in through a side door. it was a low-key start to a highly charged a day. in the streets around the conference center were protesters, not as many as predicted, a couple of hundred it most. the verdict on tony blair has already b
, arrancamos con opa libertadores de america un solo partido y se marcaron cuatro goles nos vamos hasta barranquilla colombia. juniors de barranquilla no puede ante racing y empatan a dos, emerson acuña abre el marcador a los 12 minutos para el equipo colombiano siva arriba el cuadro cafetero, sin embargo, va aparecer de este tiro libre matias mirabajes a los 28 y empatan de manera transitoria golazo para el equipo racing. pero el cuadro uruguayo se iva al ataque jose ignacio pallas a los 67 minutos con este cabezazo sobervio 2 a 1 adelante. pero en el minuto 90 en esta jugada individual desde casi la media cancha aparece martin urzuaga para darle el empate definitivo, racing empata a dos de visita con juniors de barranquilla, el partido de vuelta la proxima semana. vamos ahora a mexico porque las autoridades siguen investigando ahora a varios olas autoridades al caer en contradicciones. la policia judicial capitalina hizo un cateo en una de las 4 cuatro propiedades de jorge balderas "alias el j.j." decomisandole documentacion importante, se trata de un empresario con amplio
. >> the true engines of job creation, here in america, are american business. >> reporter: the president is laying out the details of his proposal to give small businesses a $5,000 tax credit for every new employee they hire this year. companies would also get back the social security taxes they pay when they raise the wages of people who already work for them. the treasury department estimates the program would help 1 million businesses and cost $33 billion. businesses may like the idea but the president faces a tougher sell in congress. part of his mission here in baltimore is trying to convince republicans that this is a good idea for tackling double-digit unemployment. after a plea for bipartisanship in his state of the union address, today the president is sitting down with republicans at their winter meeting. >> make it clear to the president that we have better solutions. that we offered alternatives to get the economy moving again. >> reporter: republicans say they expect president obama to do more listening than talking. but in today's highly charged political climate in washing
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's interesting to invest money. the two principle areas now are in the united states, canada, north america and in asia. so both of those areas present a lot of very interesting opportunities. >> and when you're looking -- when you're on the ground in asia, where do you see the most vibrancy? we talk about china so much and some people question whether or not we can believe those number, 10.7 economic growth. is that what you are seeing when you are on the ground in china and is asia that you are looking. >> there are many places in asia. i think that's a limited approach. for example, we like india a lot. we've owned -- we own approximately eight companies now and right you in the middle buying two more. the indian growth story is really, really strong. china, of course, is really sort of on fire now. it's strong but it's got a lot of stimulus that's creating that strength but people are very aggressive, intelligent and it's clear that the leadership of the country is going to try and keep that growth rate at least in the 8% to 10% year-end. >> reporter: you say that the leverage is increa
is because nobody in america seems to know the bill. it's pieces of this and pieces of that and all crafted in back rooms and i have firsthand experience because i have family who lives there and they're experiencing their healthcare system. though you have national healthcare, you have to pay for things. if you don't pay for things, for example, if you want a blood test, get it for free from the hospital but if you go to a facility where a doctor is on staff, you pay 10, 30, $25 to get the same blood test. if you pay, you get it within a few hours to overnight. and if you go to the hospital for free, you'll get it in a week to ten days. is that what we want in america? i don't think so. >> are you thinking since massachusetts and the scott brown election, which is in large part voters there getting sick of the same thing you are. healthcare. the way the government a going about it. that maybe whatever the congressman's trying to come up with, they might not come up with it at all? in other words you're protesting something that might not happen. >> i hope by my voice being heard, we won't
. and now we have a great opportunity to have her become america's doctor and focused the attention around the country. and you know, as she said, we used to have a whole set of rules which were just given out to people, eat so many vegetables day, get your kids from behind the computer, go to the gym. but often that fell on deaf ears, and while those are very important things to do, if we are really serious about turning the corner on this issue, we need everyone to be involved. we need to make this a national crisis, and a nice a untracked national issue because it has a huge national impact that the president pointed out last night so allegorically that health care costs for average families are continuing to skyrocket making it very hard for families to pay the bills, and the ability of small businesses to keep affordable health care is getting more and more difficult, and that often impacts their ability to keep good employees, and expanded businesses. the unhealthier we are as a nation, the more our health care costs will continue to rise. and the less competitive we will be globally
of the economy is actually if you don't take steps to deal with the deficit. >> rose: in america there is a lot of talk about financial reform, there is talk about how you, what you allow banks who are deposit banks to do. no hedge funds, no private equity, no proprietary trading. where do you come down? >> we think that what president obama said recently was probably right. we think that you shouldn't have a situation where banks that are taking retail and corporate deposits are also making the riskiest sort of bets in terms of large scale proprietary trading. so we welcome what president obama said and we would like to work to get international agreement so that we all agree that there are some things that we will say that to banks they can't do. i don't want us to go back to the old-fashioned glass-steagall of somehow trying to divide retail banks from merchant banks. but i think that was right. the second thing that he said that we are very attracted to is that we do need, not just to build up funds to make sure we pay back the money that is been poured into the banks in the past t that we
and today, america's annual healthcare spending has gone from $75 million to over $2.5 billion. that's produced significant benefits for patients but it's also created a much bigger target for criminals. and a much bigger challenge for investigators. the difference has somebody said between catching fraud then and now is trying to find a penny in a bathtub and now we're dealing with finding pennies in a swimming pool. it's not that we didn't take steps to improve our ability to detect and prosecute fraud during those last forty years. we did. but the problem was that the fraud has grown faster than our solutions. we fell behind. and americans, frankly, have paid the price. today medicare, medicaid and private insurance companies all pay out billions of dollars in fraudulent claims. and charge americans higher premiums to pay for it. when a criminal sends a false claim to an insurer, he's stealing from all of us. and there are other victims too like patients who gets fake or unnecessary treatments from crooked healthcare providers who bill insurers for the full amount. so the perspect
doubled the number of british experts. secretary clinton has announced that america is now trickling the numbers of american civilians deployed. i urge other countries to follow this lead. to help deliver this coordinated military and civilian search across the many countries involved, i welcome the appointments that are being made. the new senior nato civilian representative, the u.n. secretary general representative in afghanistan soon to be followed by a new eu representative, also. i have described our shared strategy as one as afghan ization. as they become stronger, we can hand over to them the responsibility of tackling terrorism and extremism and our forces can start to come home. it will take time, but i believe that the conditions set out in the plan we will sign up today will be back sooner than many expect and as a result, the process of handling district by district will start later this year. this will not signal an end to our support for afghanistan. i know none of this -- none of us wants to repeat the mistakes of the past. it will mark the beginning of a new phase in
the change of heart now? >> fox news alerted. bin laden out with a new audio tape. now he's blaming america for climate change. >> you're kidding. >> meanwhile, peta comparing the duggar kids to dogs? using their children to urge people to spay and neuter their pets. >> weird. >> yeah. you think? just fine or over the line? we're going to report and you're going to decide. meanwhile, our slogan this hour comes from jim deep in the heart of texas. jim says, i'm in deep trouble with my wife. i switched off "fox & friends" and nearly lost my life. i don't think so. >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> wow. they're really -- >> aly in today for gretchen carlson out west today. stunning news when you pick up the newspapers today and as you watch fox newschannel, you know, the president and his attorney general made a big deal out of first the president said he was going to close gitmo and then eric holder came out and said we're going to try these guys in civilian court. now, because of the firestorm mounted not by new york
on msnbc. america's economy is growing again. a short time ago the commerce department released the first reading of the fourth quarter of 2009. it says the economy grew at a rate of 5.7% can the fastest in more than six years. that makes two consecutive quarters of growth and the strongest evidence yet that the worst recession since the great depression has officially ended. but of course with unemployment still at 10% and the real estate market still struggling, economists say it will be months before we feel like we are in a true recovery. just over 30 minutes into the trading day, the markets are up. the dow up by 54 points. again, good news from the congress department this morning. investors like it, as you can see, on the boards. >>> toyota says it has figured out a fix for the gas pedal problem that force add recall of vehicles in china, the u.s. and europe. they notified workers in an e-mail late yesterday. an update is expected later today. the company says the fix has been presented to federal regulators. meantime a house panel scheduled a hearing into whether toyota responded
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